7 Things That Vegans And Paleo Dieters Agree On

no-cal-diets-artAfter pointless discussions people have come to the conclusion that following a diet depends entirely on the individual.

It includes all sorts of things, age, activity level, food culture, metabolic health and personal preference.

The Paleo diet of the stone-age diet seems like the opposite of a Vegan diet, yet both show impressive health benefits.

If we look at what these two diets have in common, we can conclude at least things that constitute a healthy diet.

Here is a list of seven things that the folks of both the diets agree upon:

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5 ways to instantly become more productive

Life is short and how most hours get wasted at the computer in checking emails, making facebook, twitter and Instagram updates, Productivity_Prescription-262x300while things that really do matter get neglected!

These few things will help you free your time, so that you have enough free time for your friends, family and even yourself.

1. STOP multi-tasking!

We believe that we can do eight things at once so we should do eight things at once. But that is exactly what is wrong. If you pride yourself in multi-tasking then that means you’re really good at nothing. We never really get good at things when we constantly change our focus, from writing, problem solving to email reading and chatting. This just has to stop! Instead of doing eight things together, do one thing completely and then focus on the next task. The sooner you stop multi-tasking, the sooner you will get your work done.

In order to stop multi-tasking, set hard deadlines and rewards for yourself. If you have to work, then work and finish it as soon as you can, read an email later, keep it as a reward. This is easier said than it is done, so instead of leaving it to ourselves we will follow the next step.

2. USE technology

We train ourselves for years to for unproductive habits, but habits can change and let technology help you change them.

Step 1:- Track what takes up your time. See what you do the entire day. Channel your day into a 30 minute spreadsheet.

Step 2:- Download the app “Self-restraint” for your pc. This app lets you select websites that you wish to block for a certain amount of time. Once this application is on, all you can do is nothing. While the timer is running, you can’t access the blocked websites, even if you turn off your pc or uninstall the app.

Step 3:- Sign out of your chat account and stay out. Leave a “Do not disturb” status to let people know that you will not be available. You can connect when you have time.

3. Dominate your email!

If you track the hours you spend on reading your emails every day. You will be surprised. Once you open your email, getting lost in the clutter is easy. Dominate your email by following these steps:

Step 1:- Turn off all notifications. Set a separate time for checking your emails, don’t always reach for your phone or pc as soon as a pop up appears.

Step 2:- Get your email in your control. Turn on features like, send and archive, auto-advance and background send.

Step 3:- Make two folders in your account; Action and Non-essential. If you don’t read newsletters or announcements, UNSUBSCRIBE yourself from such websites. Filter blogs, newsletters and social media updates into “Non-essential”. You can read them in your free time. Filter emails from family, friends and co-workers into “Action”. Come back to them as soon as you can and then archive.

Follow these steps and you can easily conquer your email. You will be in and out of your account in no time. Start my filtering the older emails and soon you will have no trouble.

4. UNCLUTTER and pick fewer tasks.

The less your surroundings are cluttered the less overwhelmed you will get. Clean your   desktop. Bookmark pages that you would like to read rather than cluttering your desktop with multiple tabs opened at once. Instead of making a big “To-do list”, pick three tasks that you can complete each day. This way you will pick tasks and finish them the same day.

5. Start small

You can bring changes in our life, you can find time for everything; you just need to start taking small steps. Soon you will see a remarkable change in your life. Nobody believes your excuses except you, so start making these changes in your life and soon you will have additional time left to spare on things you never believed were possible!

Try these 5 simple steps, and soon you will have a life you always wished for! All the best!

The Complete Guide To P90X3


The first high-intensive interval training program, P90X3 took the world by storm.

Therefore I created this manual for all the people out there so that they can make the right choice while choosing this program.

P90X3 is intended for those people who wish to lose weight quickly without spending a lot of money on a personal trainer. This extensive workout technique when practiced on a daily basis for 30 minutes helps you tone and build your figure.

This program was developed by Tony Horton and was produced by the production company, BeachBody.

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Keep It Simple And Eat Smarter, Not Less!

Eating healthy is not a complicated task and it certainly doesn’t require mathematics or a calculator. The healthiest humans are those 5608215_origthat don’t even know what a calorie means.

The ‘primitive’ folks, the modern day hunters, gather food, stay healthy and avoid western diseases without putting on fat. We too can become like them if only we eat natural unprocessed foods and exercise on a regular basis.

For this, you need to create a hormonal environment that encourages weight loss and makes you eat less.

All you have to do is lower carbohydrates in your diet; this will reduce insulin level in the blood which will stop the conversion of energy into fat cells by the body.

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Social studies: The Yamas of Ashtanga Yoga

ashtanga yoga

In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali illuminates that Ashtanga (or ashthanga) means yoga that follows the 8-limb path. Learning ashtanga yoga 8-limbs make us move from the most external to the most internal, in terms of interaction with others and reaching ultimate bliss and self-realization. These limbs teach us ways to escape mental clatter, emotional ups and downs and to control the mind.

The Yamas

Yama (social discipline), niyama (individual discipline), asana (the physical practice we all think of as yoga), dhyana (meditation), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (sense control), dharana (concentration) and samadhi (self-realization), are the 8-lims of Asthanga. Patanjali in the Yoga Shastra thus says that the yamas are, “The Great vows that are universal, not limited by time, class or circumstance.”

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Why Organizations Should Invest in Corporate Wellness Yoga Programs? (Infographic)

 yoga for corporate employees

Did you know that companies lose the most money due to employee productivity? It’s as simple as it can get. When employees are healthy, they perform better and are able to give their best to whatever endeavor they undertake.

Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness programs to their employees improve their employee performance while reducing their spend on annual health insurance premiums, and thus, improve their bottom line.

Further more, a published study in the American Journal of Health Promotion revealed that corporations realize $3-$6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs.

Startling, right? But that is what gives a perfect “business” case for organizations to implement corporate wellness yoga programs for their employees.

Checkout the amazing infographic on why companies should invest in yoga for employees put together by http://workouttrends.com.

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Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work

A detailed review on whether or not the Green Coffee Bean Extract works:

People turn to natural supplements because losing weight is not easy.  Some natural supplements speed up the process of weight loss.

One of the most popular supplements in the world is the amazing green coffee bean extract. It is extracted from green coffee beans and contains chlorogenic acid, which is known for weight loss.

The American television doctor, Oz also known as the most famous health ‘guru’ in the world, promoted this supplement.

I am interested in supplements on the whole but weight loss supplements leave me a little skeptical. Therefore I have written this article so as to give a detailed review of this green coffee bean extract.

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10 Studies on Low-carb and Low-fat diets – Time to retire the fad


The longest ongoing debate can be said to be the ‘carbohydrate vs fat’ debate. Main stream health organizations believe that all kinds of health problems are caused by excessive fat in the body. These organizations recommend a low-fat diet.

But since the past few years many health professionals have begun to recommend a low-carb diet (higher in fat and protein). Hence the debate.

If you’ve been running after miracle diets after reading a couple of venus factor diet reviews or other weight loss diet plans, then let me tell you to hold your ground and read this article.

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