Learning to make business plans

Learning to make business plansIn order to achieve some success in business, need to learn the proper planning. Usually, this process involves composing a business plan. It can be in varying degrees of detail. To learn how to develop one, you need to grasp certain rules. They relate to the filing of detailed business information and the description for each section.

The business plan provides information on future activities of the company or entrepreneur, long-term forecasts. Also a full description of the available or required resources. The plan provides detailed analysis of revenue and expenditure of the project. If during the calculation it appears that funds for the implementation of the plan is not enough, there is the attraction of sponsorship. And now for investment will need a thorough and detailed business plan to the investor understand what he invests his money. Continue reading

Diagram of strategic planning

Diagram of strategic planningStrategic plan expressed the strategy of the Corporation. It contains the decisions on the scope of activities and new directions. It can be transferred to the major projects and set their priorities. He elaborated at the level of senior management. Usually the strategic plan does not contain quantitative indicators.

Medium-term plans cover a five-year term as the most convenient for pack production apparatus and product. They formed the main tasks for a fixed period, for example, a manufacturing firm’s strategy, sales strategy, financial strategy, etc. Medium-term plans include the development in a sequence of activities aimed at achieving the goals of long-term development programme.

Medium-term plan usually contains quantitative indicators. It provides detailed information about the products, capital investment, sources of funding. It is developed in the production departments. Continue reading

The exercise of “Inventory time”.

The exercise of "Inventory time".For some people, ongoing record of time is the organizing factor, and they are his whole life, describing her life by the minute.

Example: the famous biologist A. lubishev (see the book by D. Granin “This strange life”, publishing house “Soviet Russia”, 1974) from 26 to 82 years led annual hourly accounting of time spent. For 56 years (lubishev died in 1972) he wrote: how much time is spent on basic scientific work, how much is for extra, how much is lost and why. Each month a summary was prepared each year draw up a balance. Take into account only “clean” time – without any loss to the organization, empty meetings and empty talk, idle, etc. the accuracy of the account in 10 minutes. Continue reading

Creating a business plan you will get the opportunity to learn a lot about your industry and market sector, to better control your company and increase its competitiveness.

Creating a business plan you will get the opportunity to learn a lot about your industry and market sector, to better control your company and increase its competitiveness.Any business plan should have a readers interested in the success of the business. There are eight different causes, which determine the nature of the business plan depending on who it is intended for:

A business plan for yourself. It is a kind of self-control: what do I need to open a case? Is there enough realistic idea?

The business plan for receiving the credit. Until recently the Russian businessman to obtain the credit in Bank could render only a two-page feasibility study (Feasibility study), which, however, was not decisive for the Bank or other financial institution of a decision to grant credit. Decisive were personal contacts, recommendations as well as awareness of bankers about the state of Affairs for borrowers (typically entrepreneurs took loans from banks with which they have been). In recent years, more and more Russian banks require from entrepreneurs a business plan for the company the final decision on granting (or not granting) credit. Continue reading

Planning is one of the most effective tools of time management.

Planning is one of the most effective tools of time management.Example: polar Explorer Otto Schmidt at the age of fourteen wrote, what books he should read for the life and what science can comprehend. It turned out that to make all this possible only two hundred years. Then he cut the list down – turned one hundred years old. Had to cut another. The result is a list, budgeted for more than forty years. Based Schmidt made a plan and stuck to him all his life.

The activity “Planning for the most important cases”.

Step 1. The compilation of the list.

Take three sheets of paper and write on each the name of the destination: a-1, A-2 or A-3. Continue reading

An overview of the process of company management

An overview of the process of company managementDepending on the focus and nature of tasks there are three types of planning: strategic (perspective), medium term (business plan), current (tactical).

Strategic planning is mainly in the definition of the primary objectives of the company, covers a period of 10-15 years, is based on global resources.

Current planning is mainly in the definition of interim objectives towards the achievement of the strategic goals and objectives. Thus developed in detail the means and methods of problem solving, use of resources, the introduction of new technology. Continue reading